How To Get More Placements Part 2 (Music Licensing)

  My last post on this topic revolved around following trends and keeping it unoriginal, using what works. That’s still a working method, but today I want to talk about another way of getting music placements and that’s through the use of a music supervisor. If you don’t know what a music supervisor is, don’t […]

My Review Of Aaron's 90 Day Music Licensing Challenge

Alright this is long overdue, but finally here. My honest review of Aaron Davidson course “The 90 Day Music Licensing Challenge”. In all honesty I think it’s a great course. I say this because Aaron really digs in and makes sure you understand how music licensing works. He covers mechanical royalties, sync licensing, exclusive vs […]

Demo Submission(s) → The Split Test

  How many tracks must a demo contain? Is it best to send full songs or snippets? Which yields the best results? Does this sound familiar? If not, that’s ok, it comes from Music Licensing Update #6 .This was an update where I shared my experience with having my demos rejected. While there were a plenty […]

When You Should Copyright Your Music

  I got an interesting question today from a reader and fan of my music licensing case study. If you’re not familiar with it then you might wanna get familiar, you can find out more about it here.  Should I copyright before or after I send music to libraries? Now, I was going answer via […]

(Music Licensing) A Music Library Gave Me 200+ Paying Clients

  I’m a little late updating the results of the 90 Day Music licensing challenge case study. I apologize, I’ve been hit with a few time consuming projects over the last few weeks… I have 1 more update after this before I give my final review then I’ll be updating events and results after the […]