Microphone Buyers Guide: Things To know Before Buying A Microphone

  Microphones come in many different colors, not visually, but sonically. Think of microphones as audio lenses. There are lens that are good for wide angle shots, narrow and there are those that have a vintage feel to them. The same is true with microphones. There are different pick up patterns, colors and tones etc. […]

The Field Recorder Buyer’s Guide

For field recording (sfx for video games and film) you you’ll need a field recorder, headphones, cables, microphones as well as memory cards and batteries. Some recorders can be AC powered, but batteries are a must have when going out in the field. I’ll walk you through what you need to know when looking for […]

Akai Mpk Mini Review: Best Bang For Your Buck?

  I’m a huge fan of midi controllers, mainly because they’re inexpensive, they come in a variety of sizes/builds and most have awesome features. Oh, and did I mentioned they’re inexpensive? I don’t suffer from gear lust, but if you put a midi controller in front of me at the right price, I’m adding it to […]

Enhancing Your Workflow With Studio One: A Few Of My Favorite Features

    Presonus’s Studio One has been my go-to DAW for about two years now. In my digital audio creating career I’ve gone from Cool Edit Pro (that’s right, back in the day), to FL Studio, to Reason, Cubase, Ableton, & Reaper. All of these have their own special qualities, but when I got to […]

Cheap Recording Studio Gear For $100 (And Under)

  Here’s a list of 10 studio upgrades you should get. All recording gear and accessories are under $100.00 warning: I do make a small commission from items purchased through the links below   Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio – $26.00 If you’re looking for magical mixing presets – Push Button Magic, this book isn’t […]