Music Biz Training Course

The Music Biz Training Course is a private membership geared to showing you how to make money (that’s the goal). I give  you an over the shoulder view of how I make a living in the music business and how you can too.

Entry Level


Short summary!

  • Business Start up
  • Copyright Basics
  • Publishing
  • Music licensing


Intermediate Level


Best value!

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  • List item
  • List item
  • List item
  • List item
  • List item




Short summary!

  • Fanbase Generation
  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Music Marketing
  • Music Licensing
  • 1 on 1 Mentoring
  • Website Creation




Short summary!

  • 1/hr minimum


If you have a laptop and you make noise with it, then you can make a living from it as well.

The inner workings of this training course is broken down into several modules. Each module contains step by step video tutorials which are specific to that module. The training course is designed to be followed in a step by step manner. These modules include but are not limited to.

  • Marketing/Promo
  • Music Licensing
  • Networking
  • Website Creation
  • Finding Your Market
  • Creating Your Business
  • Company Branding
  • Building A Fanbase
  • Case Studies


Module 1 – Creating Your Business

This module walks you through creating your business entity as well as how to secure it for the long haul.


Module 2 -Finding A Market

Here you will learn how to find your market (everyone has one). I don’t care how good or mediocre you think you are – There is a market for everything and I show you how to find it and then conquer it.


Module 3 – Website Creation

You’ll learn and understand how to setup a GOOD website using wordpress. I don’t mean that silly default blog looking thing with lame pixelated graphics that you see people promoting. I show you how to customize WP so you end up with professional looking site that converts and keeps traffic coming back. – No need to spend $600 and up for a web designer.


Module 4 – Music Licensing

This is a huge money maker right here that a lot of people ignore. I show you exactly how to cash in by getting your music placed in: Film, videos games, Tv shows, franchises and any other company that uses music in their place of business. The best thing about this is most of you already have 80% of what you need to get in (THE MUSIC)


Module 5 – Company Branding

You need a look and feel, that’s how people connect with you. Without a brand you’ll be struggling to stay above water in this industry.


Module 6 – Marketing/Promo

This module is designed to show you how to market your material using: SEO, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube (Social Media in general), email (email marketing), mobile devices etc

I think you get the picture, I cover everything you need to know that is current


Module 7 – Building A Fanbase

Finding people who are interested in the music that you create. This has never been easy to do (before the internet) but now days you can find a following in just a few days, weeks or a couple of months. It just depends on what pace you choose to work at.


Module 8 – Networking

You’ll learn how to find industry connections (for free) and how to converse with them to get what you need out of them. I know that sounds simple, but to be honest, It’s no Jedi Mind Trick, It’s simply how you approach people. The way you approach someone can make or break your business relationship *BEFORE IT EVEN STARTS*


Module 9 – Case Studies

Many of these case studies will display my methods working in real time. I will either use myself or many of my subscribers as test subjects.


Training Is Always Updated

The best thing about this training course is the fact that It updates all the time. I update the training content on a regular basis. When something isn’t working I CUT IT and replace it with something that is more current and or WORKS BETTER.




1 on 1 Meetings

Book time with me to go over your business and any in depth questions that you may have as well as to help you set goals (or anything else you need help with)


Group membership meetings

This is good for motivation, confidence and networking. Not to mention, it allows me to connect with everyone at the same time (which saves me time)


Solve My Problem (Yes I have a problem)

I run into projects on a monthly basis (and hate turning them down) and tend to overwhelm myself by taking on too many at once. So, I’m always looking for people to outsource work to and what better than to outsource to my own network who I’ve trained and groomed for success.


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